Some SEO Is Dead

We have all heard “SEO is dead” alarmist, uninformed, and countless link bait article (sarcasm). But there is no truth is?

Although it seems likely completely different, even compared to a year ago, search engine optimization, I firmly believe that search engine optimization is not only alive, but thriving. Here’s why:

Many tactics have fallen under the umbrella of SEO, can safely be regarded as “dead”, either because they do not work, never worked, or still work, but in violation of Google’s guidelines. I’m not going to spend time discussing why they do not work, or there is a risk, because this is not what this article is about, there are a lot has been written about the topic.

So we on the same page, here are some basic search engine optimization strategy is not worth your time example:

  • Keyword stuffing and hidden
  • Buy a lot of links, directory links
  • Copy the website (or categories) on different domains
  • Content spinning, automated content
  • Purely to optimize the “rank” results